• We specialize in early concept generation and prototype implementation.
  • We apply our ideation approach to the design of autonomous, adaptable and verifiable cyber-physical systems.
  • We favor lightweight systems and software architectures, suitable for today’s rapidly evolving needs and infrastructure.
  • We seek solutions with long life cycles and low maintenance costs.

Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning

We aim to make our customers’ workflows more effective and efficient by creating solutions that literally learn as they go. By discovering patterns over time, we allow users to anticipate upcoming needs, preposition data, and get a head start on tasks. Our concept clustering technology goes a step further – helping present results to the user that could otherwise be easily missed.


Coordination Under Uncertainty

We specialize in helping teams of manned and unmanned vehicles communicate in limited communications environments. Barnstorm Research has developed software to assist in missions that need coordinated behavior between multiple friendly forces. We use state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques to reduce the mission plan sizes and enable assets to better predict behavior.

Paper: Improving the Robustness of Team Collaboration through Analysis of Qualitative Interactions

Customer-centric Agile Software Development

We develop custom software for our clients. We focus first on creating a solid core functionality, then building on features the customer requests. We develop web-based user interfaces to allow military personnel to rapidly ramp up on new areas of interest, smart back-ends that apply machine learning techniques to pull out important information, and developer frameworks that make it easier to implement new planning domains – saving time and money for our customers.

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